Rookie and Veteran Woodcarvers Meet for Annual Woodcarving Seminar

Wood artists from all over the state will come out to the 27th spring Woodcarving Seminar to learn new ways to refine their techniques and meet with others who share the same passion for wood carving. Those that are interested in participating are encouraged to sign up sooner rather than later, as instructors will only be able to take approximately 15 carvers for each class. The seminar will also demonstrate the proper way to paint carvings that have already been detailed. In addition, for those that are hungry, the Rendezvous will be hosting a special barbecue dinner for all carvers, with special door prizes as well.

For those that are interested in coming to this fun event for carvers, we encourage you to reserve your Branson hotel before you get here. If you’re interested in other types of entertainment to make a full summer vacation, be sure to book a few of Branson’s most popular shows and attractions. Have a great time while you’re here in Branson!

5 thoughts on “Rookie and Veteran Woodcarvers Meet for Annual Woodcarving Seminar”

  1. Woodcarving has always fascinated me…have even done amature whittling myself. This would be a fantastic opportunity to be in Branson and take part in this event!

  2. I agree, wood carving is a great talent to have! These events are so fun and educational. It’s a good idea to book a room and stay the weekend; get some other fun Branson activities in while you’re at it.

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