Taste-Test at the 3rd Annual Missouri Food and Wine Festival

Missouri is well-known for its fresh vineyards across the state, and their produce will be put to use at the amazing Missouri Food and Wine Festival on April 29 and 30, featuring several cooking demonstrations, workshops even a few celebrity appearances. Bring the family along and sample a delicious variety of homemade foods and beverages while you’re here. The event will also feature a large “Kitchen Theatre,” with special host and DJ Chef Marc Weiss commenting as other chefs mix up delicious recipes. Knowledgeable judges will set the standard for “Branson’s Best Burger,” “Best of Missouri Wine Classic” and “Branson’s Best Pizza.” Several music entertainers such as the Lennon Sisters will be there as well, so you’ll want to make sure you attend!

In addition to Branson’s celebration of food and wines, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from while you’re relaxing during your vacation. Make reservations for several of Branson’s attractions and shows while you’re here. Also, make sure you reserve your Branson lodging ahead of time, as it can fill up fast!

9 thoughts on “Taste-Test at the 3rd Annual Missouri Food and Wine Festival”

  1. I love to cook and I have lived in Missouri my entire life, I did not know we had a food and wine festival. I will be makeing plans to go this year

  2. There are many vineyards in Missouri, and I’m sure this festival would take advantage of the fruit that they produce!

  3. Being that we love good food and drink I think this would be very interesting and educational. Having grown up in California and having visited the Napa region it would be very interesting to see what the Missouri wines are like.
    I am also a novice wine maker myself.

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