Families Prepare For Surprises at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Children that are ages 10 and younger can search one side of the courtyard to the other for Easter eggs near the Factory Merchants Branson during their Annual Easter Egg Hunt, April 23. Families can encourage their youngsters as they explore the premises, searching for literally thousands of hidden easter eggs. Children will have quite the surprise waiting for them once they’re done searching, as every one of these colorful eggs is filled! Toddlers have a play area as well to help parents keep track of their kids through all of the hustle and bustle. After the Easter Egg Hunt is over, visitors are welcome to go on a shopping spree at the nearby Factory Merchants Branson.

Visitors can learn about all that Branson has to offer, including a look at the city’s lodging along Highway 76, Green Mountain Drive, and many other areas. Discover the incredible talent and large productions and many of Branson’s shows, and make reservations today!

13 thoughts on “Families Prepare For Surprises at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt!”

  1. Shopping and an egg hunt…good way to satisfy both mom and kids. A nice way for Factory Merchants Branson to encourage customers to come and see them.

  2. I loved Easter Egg Hunts when I was little. This sounds like a lot of fun, and it makes me wish I was young enough to participate :/

  3. I got to dye easter eggs this year for the first time in FOREVER! It would have been more fun still if I’d have been able to hunt for them at a fun event like this. 🙂

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