Honor the 99th Anniversary of the Titanic’s Maiden Voyage in Branson!

The Titanic attraction is one of Branson’s most popular destinations, and this spring, you can experience an exciting tribute to the Titanic at the HAM Radio Operators Titanic Tribute. This event, which takes place April 9th and 10th, will honor the 99th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the ill-fated ship and bring tribute to Jack Pillips and Harold Bride, who sent the first signals of distress on April 15, 1912, to alert rescue crews about the Titanic’s situation. This event will have HAM operators across the world transmitting information about the anniversary, and you can experience first-hand the communication methods that were used during the times of the Titanic’s voyage.

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8 thoughts on “Honor the 99th Anniversary of the Titanic’s Maiden Voyage in Branson!”

  1. I thought the Titanic museum was great when I went! I would love to be able to go again and learn more about how the ship communicated with other vessels.

  2. I have been to a few museums and thought they were just “okay”, but I think I would really enjoy learning about the Titanic and also seeing all the unique things that were on the boat and hearing some stories that were once told many years ago. I can’t wait to go!

  3. This sounds fascinating! The Titanic’s radio operators saved a lot of lives, it’s awesome that modern radio hobbyists remember them.

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