Bring the Kids for Family Spring Break Days in Silver Dollar City!

Make a getaway to Branson’s most famous theme park, Silver Dollar City, for an incredible opportunity to participate in their Family Spring Break Days, taking place from March 17-20 and March 24-27. The park has a whole new lineup of great shows and a new play area for kids. Parents can watch their children as they head over to the exciting Half Dollar Holler, a fun place featuring climbing nets, sand tables,  and the enjoyable  Silver Dollar City’s Carousel.

Several performances will be available for visitors to attend as well, including Sons of the Silver Dollar, which features three great singers bringing comedy and bluegrass music with their cowboy outfits. Pure Heart is also a great performance choice, providing the skills and vocals of three gospel singers, in addition to the Doc Gizmo Science Theatre, an exciting way to learn about science for kids of all ages!

You can navigate and discover other great attractions in Branson with a huge selection of Branson shows and performances. If you’re planning on staying for a full vacation, you can reserve your favorite Branson lodging, whether you’re looking for a full family suite or a smaller room arrangement.

5 thoughts on “Bring the Kids for Family Spring Break Days in Silver Dollar City!”

  1. i’ve never been to silver dollar city, i wonder if it’s as nice as everyone makes it seem. planning to go this summer.

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