18th Annual IMAX FilmFest Offers Big Entertainment

Film lovers need to be prepared for the biggest film event of the year as the 18th Annual IMAX FilmFest begins on March 18th. The festival will continue through April 24th with special movie presentations as well as regularly scheduled new releases being put on for film aficionados’ appreciation.

IMAX movies are displayed on a screen that is the same height as a six story tall building with high definition picture and sound for an incredible movie experience that is larger than life. That means that this film fest is going to present a visual effect that is as huge as the story each film tells. Tornado Alley, Arabia, Mysteries of the Great Lakes, Born to Be Wild, and Ozarks Legacy and Legends will be the main featured films for this festival, so make sure that you don’t miss a chance to see any of these as they are given their larger than life showing!

While you’re in Branson for the 18th Annual IMAX FilmFest, make sure that you don’t miss seeing any of the other great shows and attractions that have reopened for the season. BransonShows.com can give you a complete list of what is available and makes it easy for you to get the shows, activities, and lodging you need in one place.

18 thoughts on “18th Annual IMAX FilmFest Offers Big Entertainment”

  1. That documentary about Tornado Alley would be pretty cool to see in the IMAX, especially with the powerful speakers that this theater has.

  2. I’d love to go eventually, the only thing I’ve seen close to this was in Disney World when I was 8.It was a bunch of scenes from all over the world it was neat.

  3. I’ve never been to the IMAX ever! Everyone says it’s super cool! I need to make amends to go soon, hopefully this summer! Sounds fun!

  4. I’ve never been to an IMAX either. Hear its amazing. Can’t wait to check out the one in Branson. My hubby and I were talking about going to a movie tonight. We need to just make the drive to Branson and experience an IMAX.

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