Silver Dollar City Opens for 2011 with Spring Break Days

As many families prepare for a Spring Break in Branson, Silver Dollar City prepares to welcome them with a grand re-opening for the season by featuring Family Spring Break Days on March 17th through the 20th and March 24th through the 27th. With rides, shows, and attractions that feature old fashioned fun, the park is family friendly and perfect for all ages.

In addition to its usual children’s rides, Silver Dollar City is also opening Half Dollar Holler to the public this season. Treetop fun houses, climbing nets, sand tables, and the Silver Dollar City Carousel are just a few of the new attractions that await kids. Perfect for families with younger children, it will provide hours of entertainment for the kids while parents get to take a break and relax.

For the adrenaline junkie in your family, thrill rides will also be open during Family Spring Break Days. They can enjoy the twists and turns of the classic Thunderation roller coaster or experience the rush and excitement of going upside down with WildFire. For the more cautious members of your family who want more gentle rides, The GIANT Swing or The Flooded Mine each provide a less wild adventure.

With all of the rides and attractions at Silver Dollar City, you may have a hard time pulling yourself away for a show, but it’s worth it! Silver Dollar City offers a variety of shows featuring country music or old fashioned entertainment for your enjoyment and all of the shows feature the best and brightest singers, dancers, and actors Branson has offer. Pure Heart, Choctaw Charlie’s Frontier Follies, and Cajun connection are just a few of the wonderful opportunities for entertainment that you will have during your visit!

While you’re preparing for Spring Break in Branson, make sure to check out the other shows and activities available by going to

10 thoughts on “Silver Dollar City Opens for 2011 with Spring Break Days”

  1. I’m curious to discover what this new “Half Dollar Holler” ride is. I’ll definitely have to try that one out the next time I visit.

  2. You’re right, Mervin! This is a great article. I’m not sure what rss feed you’re referring too, though. The Branson Shows blog is regularly updated, so if you’re wanting to check it out, you can always look for news here!

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