Branson Promises a Magical and Memorable New Year’s Eve

With New Year’s Eve only a few short weeks away, now is the time to plan the festivities for the most exciting night of the year. With the variety of activities and celebrations it has to offer on New Year’s Eve, Branson is the perfect locale to celebrate the departure of 2010 and early hours of 2011!

Kirby VanBurch will not disappoint you or your family with the delightful Magical New Year’s Eve Show he has planned for this year. The show’s unbelievable illusions will amaze the young and entertain audience members of all ages, and performances by his exotic animals assure that the evening will be memorable for all. Guests will enjoy a box dinner, party hats, sparkling non-alcoholic wine, and other exciting features. The party begins at 9 p.m. and ends at midnight.

Another option for singles, couples and families on New Year’s Eve is the Magical New Year’s Eve Fiesta at Hamner Barber Theater. The Hamners and their tropical parrots are sure to amaze audiences with the incredible illusions they have planned for the evening, and Jim Barber’s comedic ventriloquism routine, full of hilarious characters, will keep the audience laughing well into the New Year. Food will be provided by Qdoba Mexican Grill, and audiences will enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, festive party favors, and contests with fabulous prizes! The party begins at 9 p.m. and culminates in a magical toast at midnight. 

Don’t forget to secure your tickets to either of these exciting New Year’s Eve events or you will risk missing out on a memorable evening. Check out some of the Branson shows and lodging for your stay at

2 thoughts on “Branson Promises a Magical and Memorable New Year’s Eve”

  1. The Magical New Year’s Fiest sounds like something that is going to be enjoyable for the whole family to go to. I have seen Kirby VanBurch personally and absoutley loved it. The way he does his moves when it comes to changing into a new act or doing a trick is completley amazing. This show blew my mind when i went to go see it. I thought it was very interesting when he brought the tigers into play, very breath taking in how he does everything.

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