Branson Shows Celebrate 2011 in a Big Way!

The end of the year is approaching faster than you realize, and although the majority of Branson shows will be closed at the end of December, there are still several that will be celebrating the new year. Make a toast to 2011 as midnight approaches on December 31, and forget all your worries of the old year at one of these great Branson performances! 

If you like seeing the graceful performance of the Acrobats of China, you can sit back and relax as they perform their traditional show as well as a full celebration to remember the Chinese New Year. The acrobatic show will provide an exquisite chinese buffet, party favors, non-alcoholic beverages and an exciting balloon drop at around 9:00 p.m. In addition, the Branson Belle Showboat is having its own celebration for on New Year’s Eve, and its four hour cruise will include a midnight toast to 2011, dancing and a full fireworks display beside the nearby chateau. The showboat will come to a stop so you can fully enjoy fireworks display. Another exciting celebration is the Jim Stafford Show, providing you with the same great traditional family music as well as party favors, souvenir gifts, party hats and an enormous balloon drop as the clock strokes twelve.

Set your resolution early for 2011 by reserving dates to one of these great shows! The dazzling entertainment and family friendly atmosphere will bring you into the new year, and don’t forget to check out Branson lodging and other Branson activities while you’re here.

12 thoughts on “Branson Shows Celebrate 2011 in a Big Way!”

  1. The Acrobats of China is my favorite show, and I’d love to go to their New Years performance. But I don’t think they’d be celebrating the Chinese New Year on Dec 31. Their new year is in February.

  2. You’re right Laura. Typically the Chinese New Year is later than our New Year. It should be a fun show though, and it would definitely be a great way to celebrate the coming of 2011!

  3. Some of these shows look like a lot of fun. I personally would love to go see the Branson Bell because it looks like something that would be fun for the ENTIRE family. The other shows also look like a lot of fun and I cant wait to go!

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