Branson Honors Veterans With a Candlelight Service

If you are planning a getaway in Branson and want to show respect to Branson Veterans, consider attending the Candelight Ceremony on January 28 at the Veterans Memorial Museum. This ceremony will commemorate the signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord in 1973 on the day that the Vietnam War finally came to an end. If you want to honor Vietnam veterans, be sure to attend this important event.

Revisit your childhood during your stay in Branson by touring the World’s Largest Toy Museum. This incredible attraction features thousands of toys, including trains, dolls and puppets. Whether you have nostalgia for some of the toys in the museum or are seeing them for the first time, the World’s Largest Toy Museum has something for everyone to love!

You are sure to have a fun night of nostalgic entertainment in Branson by attending a performance by the Liverpool Legends. This show features two hours of incredible Beatles music performed by professional Beatles impersonators. These performers are so good at impersonating the Beatles’ famous voices and mannerisms that you’ll feel like you’re watching an original performance by the Fab Four! Whether you are a new fan of the Beatles or have been a lifetime fan, you will love this amazing show.

5 thoughts on “Branson Honors Veterans With a Candlelight Service”

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I think my son will love the Toy Museum, but it will be very hard to get him out of there.

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