Titanic’s 5th Annual Ice Carving Event Provides Free Entertainment for Visitors

If you’ve never seen an ice carving in progress and wonder how some of the stunning carvings are created, visit Titanic for the 5th Annual Professional Ice Carving Event. The competition takes place on January 15th between members of the National Ice Carving Association’s Titans of Ice.

The event itself is entirely free, so you are welcome to come with friends and family members to spend time watching the sculpture’s progress. Many of the artists will also be able to talk to you to enlighten you on the secrets of quality ice carving techniques. At 3 p.m. all of the ice carvings should be completed, and the official NICA judging panel will announce the winners. Make sure that you stay around to see if the judges agree with you about which competitor created the best ice sculpture.

While you’re in Branson for the ice carving event, make sure that you take the time to visit some of the area’s attractions and shows. To plan ahead and book lodging as well as tickets to the shows, you can visit BransonShows.com.

14 thoughts on “Titanic’s 5th Annual Ice Carving Event Provides Free Entertainment for Visitors”

  1. I knew the Titanic Museum hosted annual wood carving events, but I didn’t know they did an ice carving as well! I’m sure these artistic events attract many carvers.

  2. I saw on TV the other day where a news reporter accidentally knocked over and shattered an ice carving a guy spent over 8 hours on! Hopefully nothing like that will happen!

  3. This is kind of ironic, in a possibly twisted way, but it also sounds so cool. I’ve always been fascinated with ice carving. It takes so much time, dedication and precision.

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