Branson Welcomes Famous Gospel Groups this December!

Two fantastic gospel groups will be joining the many other Branson performers this December, the Crabb Family Reunion on December 19 and Ernie Haase and Signature Sound on December 20 and 21. Each of these great groups have a large amount of experience that keeps audiences engaged from the first song to the last. Enjoy the great productions of these groups as they sing to toe-tappin’ spirituals from past decades up to the present.

Start your vacation by listening to the Crabb Family as they join together for a fantastic mix of beautiful harmonies and melodies in the Music City Center Theatre. The family has won a Dove Award and been nominated for a Grammy for their past performances. One of their most famous tunes called “Runaway Train,” made them a hit among the  younger generation, and they’ve been growing in popularity ever since.

Later on, you can listen to the amazing quartet of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, which will also be performing in the Music City Center Theatre. This gospel group has established itself as one of the leading gospel quartet groups in modern music, and has a solid musical foundation from its founder, Ernie Haase, who was originally a member of the Cathedral Quartet. Combining the old fashioned harmonies of the 1950s quartets with today’s driving beats, this quartet is not one to be missed!

Combine your vacation with other Branson activities and shows, and don’t forget to make reservations at your pick of a Branson hotel. The city shows are on their last run for the Christmas season, so make reservations to these activities and lodging while you can!

8 thoughts on “Branson Welcomes Famous Gospel Groups this December!”

  1. I used to listen to these bands and others like them with my grandparents. It would be really neat to finally get to hear them live!

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