Local Performer Michael Grimm Wins America’s Got Talent

For those who have been following America’s Got Talent, the face of winner, Michael Grimm, is well-known and perhaps well-loved. For those living in Branson, the face of Micheal Grimm may have been well-known before he went to compete on America’s Got Talent. For a year before his big win on the popular television series, Michael Grimm was a part of the Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley Show. As a singer on theĀ Branson show, he had already established himself in the area as a talented singer in the eyes of many.

Michael Grimm wanted to compete on America’s Got Talent to see how far he could make it on his own, and it quickly became obvious that he was destined to move on and gain more popularity from his audition where he sang “You Don’t Know Me.” After being told he wouldn’t be able to perform on the show the year before, Michael Grimm proved that tenacity can really pay off when he went from previously being rejected from the show to winning the show the next year.

Bill Medley was very pleased to learn of the success of Michael Grimm and says that every bit of the success that Grimm has achieved has been deserved. McKenna Medley expressed the same delight and is quoted as being too excited to even speak after seeing Grimm announced as the winner. It’s not too surprising considering their excitement over his achievements, that Bill Medley and Michael Grimm are working together on a few of Grimm’s songs in his next CD.

If you are interested in seeing the Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley show and seeing the talented artists who performed with Michael Grimm, or you want to learn more about other Branson activities and entertainment, visit BransonShows.com.

4 thoughts on “Local Performer Michael Grimm Wins America’s Got Talent”

  1. This is real incoraging to Branson visitors to come back and i’m sure the theatre was real happy to know they’re own won such a great contest,

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