Branson’s Slow Season is Perfect for Shoppers and Museum Visitors

When December ends, many of Branson’s hottest shows will be closed for the season until they re-open in March. This is the perfect time for visitors who are more interested in shopping and museum attractions than shows to come to Branson.

Outlet malls like Tanger and Factory Merchants will still be offering name brand buys at low outlet prices, so bargain hunters can come in and get some great deals. As an added plus, Branson isn’t as crowded during this time, so there won’t be as much traffic to deal with while shopping. Some of the brands offered at these outlet malls include Coach Factory, Liz Clairborne New York, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic Factory Store, and Bath & Body Works. There is something for everyone’s tastes, so a trip with the whole family for more clothing and accessories will be time well spent.

In addition, several of the area’s popular museum attractions like Titanic, Hollywood Wax Museum, and The World’s Largest Toy Museum will still be available. Guests who can spend hours exploring each museum will find that this is the perfect time to visit. Fewer people will be a the museum, so visitors can take their time looking at each exhibit in peace.

If you plan on visiting Branson during the slower season to do some shopping or check out the museum attractions, visit to compare prices and book lodging or get your museum tickets in advance.

9 thoughts on “Branson’s Slow Season is Perfect for Shoppers and Museum Visitors”

  1. I love being able to shop and find deals when it isn’t packed. I am excited to have this oppertunity again next yr.

  2. I am very excited to be living near Branson!! I remember always passing through, but now it is very exciting to live only 25 miles away. 🙂

  3. The Tanger is my favorite oulet! It has some of the best stores! And the Titanic Museum is beautiful and wonderful to see. I would go back there! =)

  4. Shopping is my weakness, i love shopping i would shop till I drop in Branson. I actually have never been to the Tanger Outlet but i hope next month I will have the pleasure of shopping there.

  5. I love shopping, but hate the crowds, so I will definitely have to head to Branson during their next slow season!

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