Heartwarming Holiday Traditions Begin with Christmas on the Lake

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday taking place last week, people everywhere are jumping right into their Christmas celebrations. One celebration that everyone will want to make a part of their holiday festivities is Christmas on the Lake with the Ozark Rivers Heritage Foundation at the Dewey Short Visitors Center. This event is the first annual Christmas on the Lake. The celebration has already begun and will continue through December 11th, so guests will have two more weeks that they can be a part of the special event.

Christmas on the Lake features many special activities that are great for the whole family or friends who want to celebrate the season in a special way together. S’mores and traditional storytelling around a welcome campfire start out the night, and the fun continues with Christmas caroling, Christmas crafts, and the chance to choose some fun gifts from the Discovery Shop at the center. It’s a heartwarming way to make your holiday celebrations unique and entertaining.

If you plan to be at this evening event, you will want to find a hotel to stay in overnight instead of driving back home. You will also want to check out some of the other fun activities and attractions waiting for visitors in the area. BransonShows.com gives you a variety of hotels and activities to look through to help make your decision easy!

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