Gather ‘Round for Chateau’s Thanksgiving Day Brunch!

Family and friends are more than welcome to enjoy a wonderful meal at Branson’s Chateau on the Lake Resort on November 25, Thanksgiving day. The Holiday Brunch lasts from 11 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Come enjoy the beautiful fall colors and attractions of Branson on your vacation this year. A professional team of chefs, including Executive Chef Doug Knopp, will prepare a feast served buffet style so that no one in your group will go hungry. There are many exquisite recipes, including a variety of desserts, but the tender prime rib and baked turkey are highly recommended among the cuisine.

The meal is an impressive one, but it doesn’t compare to all the other attractions that Branson has to offer. If you decide to come a day or two early before Thanksgiving, you can take your pick of several different Branson shows, including the legendary Miracle of Christmas at the Sight and Sound Theatre Branson or the influential Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus. Don’t forget to reserve lodging ahead of time as well, as the hotel rooms will be filling up. After your meal, you can watch the latest football game or take a long nap.

10 thoughts on “Gather ‘Round for Chateau’s Thanksgiving Day Brunch!”

  1. Sounds delicious..In think I willdefinitely visiting the area at least to get a lil bit of that holiday as far as dinner goes..I got it down!

  2. The piture alone makes me want to build a time machine and travel to thanksgiving. This will be a great event and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

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