Celebrate An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City

Everyone who has been to Silver Dollar City the past few weeks can agree that Silver Dollar City’s annual National Harvest Festival has been a blast. This upcoming weekend, the National Harvest Festival is coming to an end as Silver Dollar City prepares for An Old Time Christmas celebration. Lights will decorate every imaginable surface the park, and the park’s 5-story special effects Christmas tree will be assembled just in time for the park to re-open on November 6th. The Christmas event will last through the holidays to December 30th when the park will close for the season.

Silver Dollar City has numerous special features for guests to enjoy during their holiday visit. Wonderful productions of shows like The Living Nativity, Frosty!, and A Dickens’ Christmas Carol will be on multiple times each day. The park also has the Gifts of Christmas Holiday Light Parade each year. This parade is a living, moving display of festive lights with over 100,000 lights on the floats and costumes. There are even special treats like hot wassail, chili, hot chocolate, Gingerbread cookies, and apple dumplings. This event has been a favorite Christmas destination for visitors from all over the country for years, and it’s no wonder with all of the Christmas cheer the park has to offer!

Silver Dollar City isn’t the only place that has a special holiday celebration planned. There are also many Branson Christmas Shows that will begin around the same time An Old Time Christmas begins. Make sure to check them out, so you can have a full holiday celebration this year.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City”

  1. I have been loving the Harvest Festival, but I really can’t wait for Christmas in Silver Dollar City. It is my favorite time to visit!

  2. I went to this last year and I can’t wait to go again this year. It makes me feel nostalgic for days gone by when I see all the lights and decorations and smell the wonderful food cooking.

  3. I already have a set date for seeing SDC’s Old Time Christmas. It’s going to be a great time – hot wassail, a few rides and a view of the Christmas parade. You can’t get any better!

  4. We go to SDC every year during the holiday season and it is so pretty there. My kids especially love the parade that goes thru town and riding the rides at night, and of course, Santa Claus is the main attraction for them.

  5. This seems like it would be a lot of fun to go and see. I cant wait to get to go and see the lights, I have went to SDC during the day but never doing christmas time, I cant wait to go!

  6. I wish I would have been in here time for last Christmas. But, I can’t wait to go to Silver Dollar City this Christmas!!

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