Witness a Tribute to the Titanic Through the Annual Woodcarving Event

Watch the competition of skilled sculptors as they wield chainsaws to carve out fantastic wooden statues and models on October 8-10 in Branson’s  Titanic Museum parking lot. Their completed works will capture the spirit of the Titanic’s courageous German crew members and passengers who helped save lives before the Titanic sank. Experienced wood carvers will be given a simple log and cut and trim until the log is transformed into their own creation. The carvers have a certain time limit, so watch closely as they use the clock to their advantage.

For a true challenge, the event is also hosting a 75-minute chainsaw speed-carving event, forcing the carvers to think quickly on their feet and put detail only where it counts. Once the hour and 15 minutes are up, all wood carvers will stop what they’re doing and be officially judged by their work.

The annual woodcarving event is the third of its kind since its birth in 2008. Come join in the fun and excitement as you watch one of the lost arts of our time – woodcarving via chainsaws. If you’d like to more about Branson or participate in the city’s attractions, there is a vast amount of activities for you to try. Area lodging is available as well; just make sure you book ahead of time!

14 thoughts on “Witness a Tribute to the Titanic Through the Annual Woodcarving Event”

  1. I’ve seen a few of these carvings back at my hometown, but I’ve never watched the wood carvers transform a log into the sculpture! I’d enjoy going to something like this.

  2. Only 75 minutes to carve something amazing with only a chainsaw and a log, that is defently something I would love the chance to see. I’ll be visiting the Titanic very soon.

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