Don’t Miss the 12th Annual Hollister Grape and Fall Festival in the Branson Area!

Start the fall season right with a celebration of the 12th annual Hollister Grape and Fall Festival, taking place on Downing Street in Historic Downtown Hollister near Branson on September 25. The festival will attract both the young and the old, and you’ll see the true Midwestern spirit through eye popping entertainment and gorgeous crafts. To fully understand the grape harvest tradition, you can take your family to see a grape stomp, which is both fun and exciting as feet squish and smash down on hundreds of fresh grapes, forming delicious wine.

Look around you to see the oranges, golds and reds of the autumn leaves. Entertainers from the festival will keep your attention from the start to the finish. Although the town is small, it is close to Branson where you’ll have plenty of shows, attractions and other activities to choose from even after the festival is over. If you’d like to see the beauty of the Ozark area for an extended stay, you may book any of our fantastic hotels featuring a variety of amenities.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the 12th Annual Hollister Grape and Fall Festival in the Branson Area!”

  1. This is something i have never been exposed to and i think it would be a real great time. i might have to go and check this out, maybe smush a couple little grapes wile i’m at it.

  2. Hmm grape stomping sounds interesting, but then thinking about it, you drink the wine that people stomped with their feet……. ahhhh nots so tasty unless they somehow wash it afterwards haha,

  3. Took my grandson here a few years ago and he had fun. He did not want to stomp the grapes but he enjoyed the food.

  4. I took my grandkids to this event. The vendors were scarce that year but the kids enjoyed the food and what was available to them. there were lots of games for kids to do.

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