37th Annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival Fills Downtown Branson with Fun

Celebrate the 37th Annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival from September 16 through the 19th. This craft festival has grown into one of the larger festivals in Branson with over 150 vendors returning to the event each year. Admission is free, and guests are welcome to browse the many hand-crafted and homemade items for sale as well as enjoy the other festivities at their leisure.

This year, the festival is featuring a cooking contest they have named “The Great Pumpkin Cook-off” in which guests are welcome to bring any foods that feature pumpkins for the contest. You may see pies, cookies, and many other different types of pumpkin treats entered in this contest. Rewards for winning the contest include cash prizes and the chance to be included in the festival cookbook.

In addition to the cook-off, guests with children will be happy to find that this year’s festival includes a children’s area. Inflatables, hands-on projects, foods, children’s vendors, and entertainment will give your young ones all the entertainment they need. For adults, there is a street dance, Gospel Jam, and many other activities. It’s safe to say that not a minute of boredom will be experienced by anyone who participates in this festival.

While you’re in Branson enjoying the festival, make sure to check out some of the Branson shows and Branson attractions that helped make Branson the major destination it is today. If you intend to stay in Branson overnight, you may also want to look into some of the wonderful lodging in Branson.

4 thoughts on “37th Annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival Fills Downtown Branson with Fun”

  1. Dang, I wish I could have gone to this! I didn’t realize they were having it…pumpkins smell and taste delicious with the right recipes.

  2. Fall is my all time favorite time of the year. It so beautiful and who doesn’t love pumpkins, not to mention baked pumpkin seeds, aaaannndd pumpkin pie!!!

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