Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Shepherd of the Hills

Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead and Old Mill Theatre is about to celebrate 50 years of wonderful shows and history on August 6th and they’re doing it by adding an impressive new addition to the homestead, the ZipRider.  Harold Bell Wright might not have imagined the new addition in his book “Shepherd of the Hills,” but it certainly is a fun way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Shepherd of the Hills Homestead.

The ZipRider is one of many exciting additions to the Branson, MO area. Unlike a zip line, the ZipRider is a hands-free ride with a seat for you to sit on. The ZipRider begins at the top of Inspiration Tower for awe-inspiring views of the Ozark Mountains. After much consideration, the owners of the ZipRider decided to name their new ride the Vigilante ZipRider.

Another exhilarating addition to the Branson area is the Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours. With four daytime tour options and two evening tour options, Branson Zipline and Canopy Tour offers many different types of tours to guests. Tours range from being thirty minutes long to two and a half hours long, so they fit into any schedule. These tours are a great way to see the incredible beauty of the Ozark Mountains and get some unforgettable thrills!

The exciting, new addition to Shepherd of the Hill in honor of their 50th anniversary is just one of the many exciting shows and attractions available in Branson, MO. Make sure to see what else there is to do in Branson at BransonShows.com.

13 thoughts on “Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Shepherd of the Hills”

  1. Haha, my mom told me about this a long time ago. I had no idea this was still going…haha! Maybe I should go with her now!

  2. The ZipRider sounds like it has some great views! Branson Zipline seems like the best choice with all the different tours. I’d love to take the longest tour!

  3. It’s Crazy to think that something has been around for such a long time… kinda makes you wonder of all the different people that have visited since the begining. Crazy HUH!!!

  4. I grew up in Hollister next to Branson so I have had my fair share of school trips and such to Shepard of the Hills, growing up in that area you really grow an appreciation for the local history and how it still effects the culture of that area today. Nowhere else that I have been to in the United States really sticks to it’s roots like Branson which is what makes this event so exciting, I will definately be going to see the play again this year and take that ZipRider tour, the inspiration tower is sooooo TALL! It will be very thrilling.

  5. I really enjoyed the Shepherd of the Hills drama. The special effects really surprised me because I didn’t think it would be much. It’s just a great story and they do a really good job of putting you in the middle of it.

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