Branson Honors Heroes with Veterans Homecoming Week

As a salute to all American veterans, the Branson Veterans Task Force will be promoting the “Veterans Homecoming Week,” taking place on November 5-11. Everyone is invited to be part of the event, and special tributes and entertainment will be used during the week to show just how much our veterans mean to us, whether past or present. Branson is known for celebrating the commitment and sacrifice of veterans, and this year promises to be just as honorable. 

Members of the community and visitors from around the nation are strongly encouraged to attend and bring friends who have served in the military. Throughout the week, special Branson entertainers will present special music and performances to provide a true salute to America’s heroes. If you’d like to stay for the duration Veterans Week, be sure to book Branson lodging as well as some of the special activities in the area.

4 thoughts on “Branson Honors Heroes with Veterans Homecoming Week”

  1. I love when cities have events like this to honor the men and women that sacrifized for us. I’ll make sure to show my respect.

  2. I agree with Paul – it would be a privilege to attend this event honoring those who have served in our military. I know most people have family with a war veteran, so the event applies to almost everyone in some way.

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