Cheer for The Front Men With Alabama, Restless Heart and Lonestar

Set up a true country experience in Branson on October 22 with The Front Men concert, combining the melodic voices and instruments of Restless Heart, Alabama and Lonestar into one memorable show. Book your tickets for the city’s Tri-Lakes Center and enjoy these music stars as they sing some of their combined 40 chart-topping hits.

The stars will all take the stage at the same time and sing all evening, belting out such hits as “Feel’s So Right,” “Bluest Eyes In Texas,” and “Amazed.” Each one will highlight the talents of the individual singers, and the production inside the center will keep the audience engaged from the opening song to the finale. Stay around after the concert’s over for an autograph from your favorite singer, whether it’s Alabama’s Randy Owen, Restless Heart’s Larry Stewart or Lonestar’s Richie McDonald.

If you’re interested in staying for a fall vacation, Branson boasts all kinds of area lodging, from the smallest rooms to the largest suites. You will also find all kinds of activities and other shows to choose from if you wish.

8 thoughts on “Cheer for The Front Men With Alabama, Restless Heart and Lonestar”

  1. I;m not the biggest country fan but I am able to tell when a show is bound to be a good one. I’m sure many people in the area will have a blast at this concert.

  2. I got to see Alabama a few years ago and have been dying to see them again ever since. Definitely will NOT miss this show!

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