Fall Rendezvous II Woodcarving Seminar Highlights Artistic Skills

Carpenters and artists are invited to take part in the Fall Rendezvous II Woodcarving seminar at the Convention Center in Compton Ridge Campground. Taking place on Oct. 17-21, the event will help those who were inspired from Branson’s Titanic Woodcarving competition which took place earlier in the month. Whether you’re an experienced veteran with a carving knife or are interested in learning a new craft, the seminar will provide classes for all to attend.

Woodcarving classes will go from 9-5 with a break for lunch in between. After classes, woodcarvers are encouraged to practice what they’ve learned for the day. Instructors will place a special emphasis on the upcoming Christmas season, so woodcarvers can work on holiday themed projects if they wish.

If you’d like to participate in this fun Branson event or would simply enjoy a relaxing fall vacation, the city is home to many great shows and activities for all ages to attend while here. View the lights of Silver Dollar City or eat a dinner at the Dixie Stampede. You’re welcome to book a Branson hotel as well.

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