Branson Ducks Salute to Veterans WWII Event

Ride the Ducks has become one the tour traditions in Branson, Missouri since they first opened their land and water tours. Since their opening, they have had many unique themes that they based their tours off of. From September 18th to October 31st, the Ducks are honoring veterans with the Branson Ducks Salute to Vetarans event.

This specialized tour takes place aboard a traditional Duck land and water vehicle, but this time, guests will learn all about how the Duck vehicle was originaly designed as a military vehicle during WWII. As you ride through the streets of Branson, your guide will tell you more about life during WWII including stories about the men who used the Ducks during the war and women, like Rosie the Riveter, who helped put the ducks together for military use. It’s a fascinating experience that gives you the fun of the original Ride the Ducks tour with a fun, new twist. Your driver will even let you drive the Duck during this special event.

Ride the Ducks isn’t the only fun activity you can experience while you’re in Branson. There are many other shows and attractions to explore as well. You can view and book some of these shows and activities as well as lodging for the area by going to

10 thoughts on “Branson Ducks Salute to Veterans WWII Event”

  1. I went on the ducks a while back wit my parents and i loved it… i didn’t know the vehical was disgined during WWII that is awsome!!!

  2. I’ve been on the Ducks once before for a middle school trip but sadly don’t remember much about it. It’s very interesting to learn the vehicles origin though and I know I would have a great time taking The Ducks tour at least one more time.

  3. I bet this tour would be super interesting. I mean the ducks tours is always interesting, but to learn about the life of the vehicle during WWII would be great!

  4. I’ve never been on a Ducks tour. I have always thought they looked like fun though. Maybe I should give them a try during this event!

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