Pacesetter Awards Sings Its Praises of the Branson Gospel Music Convention

Branson is known as the Midwest music entertainment capital and is widely recognized as being a huge contributor to all forms of country and gospel music. This year, Branson is having its Second Annual Branson Gospel Music Convention. This convention was give the Pacesetter Award in its first year for raising the bar for the gospel music industry. This year, the event is going to be just as exciting and cutting edge as it was last year. From June 28th to July 2nd, this convention will be hosting many events and shows featuring gospel music.

This year’s performers include some awesome favorites and up and coming stars like the Blackwood Quartet, Melody Boys, Kenny Bishop, Jericho, and several other wonderful musicians and bands. Each day, a new concert with new gospel talent will be hitting the stage. In addition to the concerts, the convention also will be hosting the SGN Scoop Diamond Awards to award those who have made special contributions to the gospel music industry. The convention will even be giving people a chance to enter the music industry with the HIS Choice Talent Music Search. It’s an opportunity to get a singing spot at the Diamond awards and get your gospel musical talents heard!

The Branson Gospel Music Convention is a wonderful, family friendly event that promises to be an exciting way to spend your free time. Go and check it out along with some of the fantastic Branson shows that made the Midwest famous.

13 thoughts on “Pacesetter Awards Sings Its Praises of the Branson Gospel Music Convention”

  1. I’ve never heard of the SGN Scoop Diamond Awards…it sounds like the best way to find out about the top artists in the Gospel industry.

  2. Those complimentary performance at silver dollar city really make the whole experience worth it. Besides all there fun filled rides and their events will always top off your day at SDC.

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