National KidsFest

From June 5th to August 8th, the National KidsFest takes over Silver Dollar City making this theme park an exciting vacation destination for families. For young children and the young at heart, this event makes Silver Dollar City more kid-friendly than usual. Special guests and new rides make this year’s KidsFest more thrilling than ever before.

Riverblast is the newest ride at Silver Dollar City for you to explore during KidsFest. This river rafting experience gives you a chance to ride a raft armed with water guns to shoot at people lined up along the river. Of course, guests along the river have water guns set up for them to use too, so be prepared for an extreme water war. This new ride is great for kids of all ages and helps make this year’s KidFest a blast.

While Riverblast certainly make Silver Dollar City more exciting for KidsFest, it’s the special guests that kids often look forward to the most. This year, exciting children’s entertainers and characters like Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales, Dora and Diego, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, and Spongebob and Patrick are a few of the guests you can expect to see. Each guest is well-loved by children everywhere, and kids can meet them right at Silver Dollar City.

Go on down to Silver Dollar City for the time of your life at the National KidsFest event. While you’re in town for the festival, don’t forget to see some of the legendary Branson Shows that made the city of Branson famous.

8 thoughts on “National KidsFest”

  1. This festival is always my kids favorite. They have games and crafts just for kids to do that they don’t have the rest of the year. They also have a new water ride at SDC, and since summer is hot, it keeps them cooled down while doing other things.

  2. We just checked out this year’s Kidsfest this weekend and so far it’s the best! The kids got to meet Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales, and we rode the new ride, it was great!

  3. I have loved Veggie Tales ever since the episodes came out when I was a kid. There’s something in me that still really wants to meet Larry and Bob! Plus that water ride looks pretty amazing.

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