British Motor Club’s Classic Car Show in Branson, MO

For auto enthusiasts, the exciting Bristish Motor Club’s Classic Car Show is coming to Branson, MO April 10th and the 11th.  This event is being held exclusively by the Titanic Museum. It’s an exciting event that will have a variety of world class vehicles on display for your enjoyment.

Classic cars like Jaguars, MGAs, and Austin Healeys will be at the event for you to inspect at your leisure, and some of the owners will be there to ask answers questions about the cars. For those who are fans of Jim Cameron’s Titanic movie, there may even be a special 1912 Renault on display reminescent of the one on the movie for you to view.

The display will be open to everyone and admission is free. If you would like to view the rest of the Titanic to see their displays and information on the Titanic, go visit their website.

8 thoughts on “British Motor Club’s Classic Car Show in Branson, MO”

  1. I have been wanting to go visit the Titanic, and I love classic cars! This seems like the perfect opportunity for me to go see both!

  2. I love this kinda shows..I’m not all that into classic cars, but I can agree they are beautiful and great to look at.

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