David Letterman’s Auditions Come to Branson, MO

If you watch late night television, you’re probably familiar with the popular Late Show with David Letterman. On June 26th, David Letterman’s show will be holding auditions for stupid pet or human tricks. Anyone who has an interesting trick that they or their pet can do is welcome to come and try out at the Branson Landing on that Saturday.

Audition times are limited from between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. At 7:00 pm, the last audition will be held. Make sure that you arrive early or you may not be able to try out during the audition times. Anyone who wishes to try out and is under the age of 18 must bring an adult with them to sign a consent form. All pets who are being brought for the auditions must be kept under control at all times. It is recommended that food and water are brought for pets while they wait for their audition.

The lucky participants who are selected for the show will get to be on the David Letterman show. David Letterman will have the participant’s trip to New York paid for and will also being paying the participant for being on his show. In addition, the winner also get to perform his or her trick for millions of people on television!

While you’re in Branson to try out for The Late Show with David Letterman, make sure that you spend some time enjoying some of Branson’s entertainment. BransonShows.com is a great place to order tickets for Branson activities when you visit.

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