Branson, MO Gives a Salute to Tourism

Branson, MO is having the Salute to Tourism event to show visitors to Branson how much they appreciate their business. The event takes place from May 10th to May 14th at the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB Welcome Center. It’s a fun event where everyone has a chance to meet and talk to some of their favorite Branson stars.

Some of the legendary performers who will be coming to the event to show their appreciation include The Thomas Brothers, Titanic’s adorable King Charles spaniels, The Texas Tenors, The Hughes Brothers, and The Platters. These stars appreciate those who come to their shows, so come say your hellos to them. Refreshments will be provided on three of the four days, so you can even come hungy.

Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy this event. Those who live in Branson are welcome to stop by. Each day has a new performer, so you can come every day and meet someone new. While you’re enjoying this event, make sure you go and see some of the Branson shows that make these performers stars.

10 thoughts on “Branson, MO Gives a Salute to Tourism”

  1. Branson is a good place to be if your a person that loves shows not only that but if offers so much more to do. It Great 🙂

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