Elvis Festival Has Branson, MO All Shook Up

Branson Elvis Festival comes back to Branson, MO April 16th throught the 18th. The event is presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. Legends in Concert will be hosting the event this year. This is the 4th Annual Branson Elvis Festival that has been held in Branson. The event features all things Elvis including the Elvis vendor village which will be in the lobby of Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre, a tribue to Elvis done by Tony and the Comback Special LIVE in concert at the Branson Landing, and the Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

There are several Elvis acts in Branson that you can choose to visit for your Elvis Festival celebration. Legends in Concert has an act that includes the music of many greats. Elvis will be featured specially for the Elvis Festival. Other music included in the concert are songs by Marilyn Monroe, The Blues Brothers, and other classic music songs and groups from the past.

Tony Roi’s Elvis Experience is another great Elvis act found in the Branson area. His show is a tribute dedicated entirely to Elvis. He covers all of the Elvis favorites from slow ballads to upbeat rock. When you go to Tony Roi’s Elvis Experience, expect nothing but Elvis in a 2 hour long celebration of Elvis’ great career in music.

For another top-rated Elvis adventure, see Elvis and the Superstars. You will hear sensational singing and see wonderful dancing by Elvis impersonater Dave Ehlert. His great act is followed by impersonations of other music greats like Patsy Cline, Liberace, and Bette Middler. This show is packed with action and incredible music for everyone who loves classic hits.

Another special tribute to Elvis is found at Owen’s Theater. See Eras of the King – A Modern Day Tribute for a show that is bound to make you feel like you are experiencing Elvis for the first time. This is a great act where Elvis impersonators demonstrate the heart and fire that Elvis always displayed during his incredible shows.

With so many wonderful Elvis tributes, you may have trouble deciding where to go! For the Elvis Festival, you may want to go see them all. Each is a unique experience designed to give  a tribute worthy of the King of rock and roll.

6 thoughts on “Elvis Festival Has Branson, MO All Shook Up”

  1. My grandmother’s birthday is at the end of this month, so I will have to take her to this event for a good time!

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