Irish Fest Bring St. Patrick’s Day Cheer To Branson, MO

Branson’s Irish Fest is bringing a huge celebration of Irish culture to Branson, MO for St. Patrick’s Day this year. The celebration will be going on in several spots in town. There is a package deal available for this celebration that is sure to enhance your experience of the Irish Fest on March 12th and the 13th.

The package deal available offers free wine and beer tasting, Celtic rock, Irish bagpipes, Irish step dancing, a traditional Irish corn beef and cabbage dinner, free shuttle to each party spot for those who choose to drink or don’t want to drive, 2 night’s lodging, and several other exciting features. The event is hosted by Jaspers Events this year, and is sure to be a rocking good time.

Don’t hesitate to come on down to Branson for an Irish celebration unlike any you’ve ever seen before. For everyone planning on joining in the fun during Irish Fest, be sure to have a safe and exciting weekend.

6 thoughts on “Irish Fest Bring St. Patrick’s Day Cheer To Branson, MO”

  1. So when and where do we find the free wine and beer, the Celtic rock and the bagpipes and step dancing, etc.? It sounds like fun, but I don’t know where to find any of it.

  2. We celebrate St. Patrick’s day with our kids every year, learning about Ireland, giving gifts and making Irish food. We came to Branson for Spring Break & we were hoping that Branson would have a famiy-oriented St. Pat’s event, to celebrate the Irish on the actual day of March 17th. I’m disappointed that the Irish Fest was held the weekend before actual St. Patrick’s Day, which was before we arrived, and even that was not widely advertised. There were no celebrations of the Irish on March 17th, except for one at a pub, which was not kid-friendly. I hope that next year, they’ll have a family-oriented festival to celebrate Irish Culture, on actual St. Patrick’s Day, the 17th, and that they’ll advertise it more to families, so that people will attend. Even the article above, did not even give the location of the festival on March 12-13.

    1. Yes, Martha, I agree with you – We just got back from Branson (spring break w/the kids too..) and having moved to the midwest from the east coast last fall, I am used to very big St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. We did tour the titanic museum yesterday and while it was a fun/interesting tour, I was disappointed that they didn’t do something special, other than play some Irish music in the gift shop. It would have been wonderful if they’d had a special presentation at one of their theaters of Irish music. Many of the acts there play some celtic music in their mix, but they could’ve had one theater just do all Irish music and even bring in some Irish bands. We had a nice relaxing trip other than that and the weather was warm compared home, just 6 hrs. north…

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