Worldfest Entertains and Educates Branson, MO

Learn about cultures from all over the world in the Midwest with Silver Dollar City’s Worldfest. Branson, MO’s Silver Dollar City is famous for bringing live entertainment that has dazzled the world, and this spring from May 8th to May 9th the annual Worldfest is back at Silver Dollar City entertaining and educating everyone who visits about other cultures found throughout the world.

There will be bands, dancers, a center where you can try different foods found in each country represented at Worldfest, acrobats from China, and much more. There will also be stands set up where you can buy artwork, clothing, and other interesting articles from other cultures. For the price of admission to Silver Dollar City, you can see the world.

The theme park caters to people of all ages, so the rides and shows are great for the whole family or for large groups. The shows are internationally educating and the theme of the park is wholesome and old-fashioned. Worldfest is going to be an exciting event for the Midwest.

If you plan on attending Worldfest you may want to reserve lodging in Branson at

12 thoughts on “Worldfest Entertains and Educates Branson, MO”

  1. This is one of my favorite festivals Silver Doller City offers. One year when I went I came home with some amazing chocolate from Ireland.

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