FLW Outdoors Fishing Competition Returns to Branson, MO

The Forrest L. Wood Outdoors Fishing Competition, also known as the FLW Outdoors Fishing Competition, is coming to Branson, Missouri. The tournament will take place March 3rd through the 6th at the majestic Table Rock Lake. The natural beauty of the lake as well as the great fishing the lake has to offer is sure to make the competition enjoyable for those who enter it.

The competition will be for professional fishers as well as co-anglers. There is a $4,000 entry fee, which must be paid before being eligble to start fishing. Though the entry fee may seem expensive, the prizes to be won are great. The money prize for the first place winner on the professional level is $100,000. The prize money is projected on the assumption at least 150 boats will be in the competition. No more than 160 boats will be allowed to enter.

For everyone not participating in the fishing event, the entire Table Rock State Park Marina is closed. No one will be allowed to fish within 50 feet of any Commercial Marinas. For those entered or entering the fishing competition, good luck and happy fishing!

11 thoughts on “FLW Outdoors Fishing Competition Returns to Branson, MO”

  1. Wow that’s a lot of money for the competition, but if you really enjoy fishing I guess it would be worth it to win $100,000!! Wish I had more skill 🙂

  2. That might be a high buy in but for a payout like 100,000 its almost worth the risk. I personaly have fished table rock, and its by far my faviorite lake to fish in!

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