Women’s Veteran Week Returns to Branson, MO!

Branson will be hosting its Annual Women’s Veteran Week this year from May 19 – 24. The celebration typically features a week filled with activities and celebrations specifically geared around America’s many women veterans with past events having included Women Golf Day at Thousand Hills Golf Resort and various Meet and Greets.

And while hotel space certainly becomes limited during Women’s Veteran Week, that’s not to say that you’re out of luck if you’ve yet to make reservations. From campgrounds to motor inns to condo rentals, there is still a number of lodging options left even if you plan on staying in town for the entire week.

As for Branson entertainment, there are just as many activities taking place in Branson as there are activities that have been planned specifically for the celebration. Whether looking for offerings that highlight the local culture and customs of the Ozarks, extravagant Broadway-style epics, or variety performances that feature something for every member of the family, you will find it all taking place come late May in Branson, MO!

Combine the family-friendly atmosphere of the Ozarks this May with the annual reverence towards our women veterans with Branson, MO and the Annual Women’s Veteran Week!

14 thoughts on “Women’s Veteran Week Returns to Branson, MO!”

  1. It is so great to hear that they set a special week aside to celebrate the women in the military. To many times they are overlooked.

  2. This sounds like a really wonderful tribute to members of our country’s military who too often don’t get the recognition they deserve!

  3. That’s a good week in Branson then. There will surely be a lot of festivities and I think that the family will enjoy a few days in the area. A nice way to start the summer.

  4. As a Veteran, I am happy that Branson has an event set aside for women. I missed it this year, but will attend next year.

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