Staff Review: Miracle of Christmas Brings Nativity Story to Life in Branson

Recently, a staffer took in the Miracle of Christmas at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson. Following is her take on this popular Branson show.

“In only its second season of performing in Branson, the Miracle of Christmas at the Sight and Sound Theatre has become one of the most popular shows in Branson during the holiday season. After I saw the show, I experienced for myself what makes this performance so popular.

As you drive up to the Sight and Sound Theatre, the sheer size of the venue is overwhelming. The front of the theater is beautifully landscaped and, because of the holiday season, decorated in festive garlands and wreaths. Before you enter the theater, you have the opportunity to interact with one of the “shepherds” standing by with a pair of llamas.

Upon entering the Sight and Sight Theatre, you are immediately greeted by the 30 foot tall Christmas tree, which is resplendent with gold bows, angels, lights, and garlands. If you arrive with time to spare, you will have time to explore the gift shops and concession stands. We sampled some of the glazed pecans, which were delicious.

Our seats were in section 201, which is the raised section on stage right. We were seated near the center, and we had a great vantage point of the wrap-around stage. Although the show was incredible, the theater itself is certainly a highlight of the experience. The theater has three different stages, one large stage in the center and two side stages. In total, the stages cover 300 feet. In addition, the theater has a multi-media screen that covers the length of the center stage.

The show opens with a musical number featuring the betrothal of Mary and Joseph. The play then follows the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, including the angels’ messages to Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, and Mary; the conflict between Mary and Joseph following the angel’s message, and finally, the birth of Jesus in a Bethlehem manger. Each scene is accompanied by detailed sets and beautiful music. Although the play is based on the biblical story, some of the content is not found in the original story, but the theater relays this information in a disclaimer before the play begins.

Both the acting and singing in this play is exceptional. The music features original songs as well as some holiday instrumental numbers, such as Joy to the World. Each scene features an extensive set that is incredibly detailed. My personal favorite set was the scene of Nazareth, which included realistic dwellings as well as scenes of the hills surrounding the city. Perhaps one of the most magical scenes during the play was one with the angelic messengers. Three of the angels were suspended in the air by an impressive flight system, and dozens more joined them on stage for a spectacular musical number. Each of the scenes is designed to connect you to the story as well as leave you in awe.

Overall, we had an excellent experience at the Miracle of Christmas. The dynamic presentation appeals to children, young adults, and older patrons, making it an activity that every member of your family or group is likely to enjoy. Because of the biblical nature of the play, the Miracle of Christmas is a nice contrast to the many commercial Christmas productions in Branson and is definitely worth seeing.”

If you want to experience the Miracle of Christmas for yourself this season, purchase tickets here. is your destination for all of your Branson vacation needs. To order tickets and reserve lodging, check out or call 1-800-987-6298.

3 thoughts on “Staff Review: Miracle of Christmas Brings Nativity Story to Life in Branson”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews of this show and it’s nice to know some of the specifics about the show! I’m planning on seeing it soon with my family, so thanks for the review!

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