Celebrate the Season with Silver Dollar City and Branson, MO!

Living Christmas Tree at Silver Dollar CityFor nearly one month, Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas has been entertaining visitors with holiday cheer, though there is still ample to time for those that have yet to experience the merriment to get out to the Ozarks. Running through December 30, An Old Time Christmas coats the 18th century Ozarks surroundings of Silver Dollar City with a delightful cheer and numerous activities and exhibits pertaining to the holidays. The Gifts of Christmas Holiday Lights Parade, live presentations of A Dickens Christmas Carol and a five-story Christmas tree are just a few of the special additions in store, with millions of Christmas lights covering the park in a gentle glow. Silver Dollar City can offer an authentic view of the history and culture of the Branson area, and An Old Time Christmas is certainly no exception in terms of representing the fervor that the typical Ozarks resident approaches the winter season with.

Potential visitors can learn more about Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas here.

As the first theme park in Branson, Silver Dollar City is an encompassing look at all that Branson stands for. The park is set to resemble the Ozarks during the 1800’s with a variety of craft exhibits, historical reenactments and natural charm, and that’s just the setting of this exciting park. Guests can expect to find numerous rides such as the interactive Flooded Mine and thrilling coaster experiences including PowderKeg, with 40 daily live shows and countless attractions that range from train rides to child play areas helping to compliment the wide array of rides. Let entertainment and history come together at Silver Dollar City for a truly memorable day in Branson.

Purchase admission to Silver Dollar City online here.

And if you’re hoping to catch a few of the popular Branson shows during your visit, you will find a wide variety of special Christmas performances taking place from now through the end of the year. From traditional Branson offerings such as Shoji Tabuchi and Yakov Smirnoff to limited engagements that include the Miracle of Christmas, there are a variety of show offerings, each getting into the spirit of the holidays.

Browse our comprehensive list of 2009 Branson Christmas shows.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate the Season with Silver Dollar City and Branson, MO!”

  1. My mom and I went just last weekend. We had a blast there is so much to do, with shows, rides and of course Christmas shopping. Not to mention, the wassil and cinnamon bread.

  2. I just love to go to Silver Dollar City at Christmas time. The shows and the lights just really get you in the spirit of Christmas.

  3. I’ve been to SDC twice already since they have had the lights up. It is so spectacular that my kids want to know when we are going back again!

  4. I have lived in the ozarks most of my life but I’ve never visited Silver Dollar City. I have heard such great things about it; I might just have to go this year.

  5. Wow, cool event! I think I have to set a date for me to visit Silver Dollar City! I don’t know how much it will cost but I should start saving now!

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