Rockaway Beach Hosts Battle of the Bands

Battle of the BandsOn August 27 through 30, Rockaway Beach will be holding the first annual Battle of the Bands contest. Local and regional bands from a variety of genres will be bringing their best performances to the beach for a chance to win the grand prize.

The grand prize that will go to the winners of the contest is eight hours of studio recording time by Paradise NKR Recording, a record label, a booking agent, and a photo shoot.

The event begins with a preliminary round on Thursday and Friday. Bands will perform and fans will vote for bands to continue to the next round. Saturday is the final elimination round, and four bands will play on Sunday for the chance to win the grand prize.

The four day event will also include various food and merchant vendors. More information about the Battle of the Bands and Music Festival can be found at the official Web site:

Rockaway Beach is located just outside of Branson, Missouri and is a popular destination due to its beach on Lake Tanecomo. For your lodging needs in Rockaway Beach or Branson, check for hotels, cabins, and more in the area. You can also find tickets to shows and activities in the area. Make online reservations at or call 1-800-987-6298.

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