Branson Shows – New to Branson in ’09

Miracle of ChristmasWith the beginning of Branson’s Spring season quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about when you’ll visit the Ozarks this year and what you plan to do once you arrive. And while you’re sure to find that cherished favorites ranging from Silver Dollar City to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede are still alive and well in the ‘Live Entertainment Capital of the World,’ we thought we’d highlight a couple shows that will be completely new to Branson throughout ’09 in an effort to ensure you are aware of all that is available to you during your time in Branson!

Peter Pan the Musical at The Mansion Theater

Starring Cathy Rigby, famed Olympic gymnast, as Peter Pan, Peter Pan the Musical presents Branson visitors with a magical re-telling of one of the most cherished children’s tales of all time. Through joyous song, you’ll experience some of your favorite scenes from the book and countless movie and cartoon spin-offs, all the while being mesmerized by the athletic talents of Cathy Rigby. Be sure to allow magic and music to combine at The Mansion Theater during your ’09 Branson vacation with the inclusion Peter Pan the Musical!

Miracle of Christmas at the Sight & Sound Theatre Branson

Branson is routinely regarded as one of the top vacation hot spots during the holiday season, and with the recent inclusion of Miracle of Christmas at the Sight & Sound Theatre Branson the ’09 Christmas show line-up is looking to be better than ever! Miracle of Christmas brings an intimate glimpse into the season as audiences have the chance to interact with Joseph, Mary and others from the nativity scene; enjoy the aroma of holiday treats; and marvel at the beauty of the production’s thirty-foot Christmas tree before the show even begins. As for the actual performance, you’ll witness the story of the birth of Christ re-told in the typical, larger-than-life style that Sight & Sound Theatre is known for as both the small details and larger message are brought to the forefront.

42 thoughts on “Branson Shows – New to Branson in ’09”

  1. I haven’t heard much about her acting talents, but Cathy Rigby certainly still has the athleticism to fit the role of Peter Pan. I wish her best of luck!

  2. I am glad to hear they are bringing the Miracle of Christmas to Branson. With Noah the Musical being such a great production, I am sure this show will help to capture the holiday spirit.

  3. I am not for certain that I am brave enough to take the polar bear plunge in Branson I am certain that I would enjoy many of the shows i.e. Peter Pan, and The Beatles.

  4. Peter Pan the Musical looks like a good one to go see. It sounds like it’s going to be a little different than most of the other Branson shows.

  5. the peter pan one sounds really cool. and as for the mirical of christmas my girls at my church would love to go see that as well.

  6. Cathy Rigby is 56 years old. I guess its a tribute to her athleticism and youthful demeanor that she can still play Peter Pan. She used to play Peter Pan on Broadway in New York back in the 70s and 80s so I guess she does the part well. I still find it mind boggling that a 50-something woman can play the part of a boy. I think it might be a very interesting show.

  7. I’m a huge fan of Peter Pan so I think it would be cool to see a musical adaptation of such a classic story. 56 years old you say? That’s amazing!

  8. I love Peter Pan. I’m pretty sure that was like my third all time favorite movie as a kid. It’d be fun to go watch it in a live performance.

  9. While visiting Charlotte on a business trip a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to see a sneak peak of Peter Pan performance. It is actually pretty good. Children will definitely love it.

  10. I am glad to see that Branson will be getting some new shows. I think they both sound great, I will have to check out Peter Pan. I loved that story as a child. Hopefully it will be better then the show the neighborhood kids and I used to produced (and of course I was Wendy).

  11. I would really want to see this Peter Pan show. I remember watching this movie as a child it was one of my favorites. Tinker bell and her fairy dust was very pretty and all the flying and captain hook. I Think this will be a great musical and a good addition to Bransons line up.

  12. I can’t wait to take some time and go see Peter Pan in Branson! I want to take my little nephew, I think he would really enjoy it.

  13. That Christmas show sounds like a cool thing to do before you go to SDC to see the Christmas lights. It would be a fun-filled day of holiday celebration!

  14. I am sending my parents to go stay in Branson and see the Dixie Stampede for the aniversary I know they will have a great time. 😀

  15. Is this Peter Pan the same one done by Disney? Or a different musical altogether? Either way, I’d like to see it.

  16. I really need to plan a trip to a location like this since I really do enjoy seeing x-mas shows and getting into the spirit of the season.

  17. I didn’t get a chance to see Noah The Musical last year and I was told that I had really missed out. I am definitly not going to miss these shows this year!

  18. I like both Peter Pan movies, cartoon and movies. There’s actually 2 versions in the Peter Pan movies, one with Robin Williams, and the other one with a boy, both very good.. I difinetely love musicals theatrical type and Peter Pan I think would be a great one to go see live and be the first one for me…I would definetely take my little girl there..

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