Moon River Theatre Line-Up Changes in Early 2009

The new year has brought some scheduling alterations to the Moon River Theatre performance line up. Most notably, Andy Williams, one of Branson, Missouri’s most popular entertainers and founder of the theater, will be taking a brief hiatus from performing to write his biography. The 81-year-old singer will be returning to his spot as the evening headliner in September 2009. For the time being, he has given the evening show spot to Rightous’ Brothers Bill Medley and Paul Revere & The Raiders. Also joining these classic performers are Bill Haley’s Original Comets for their first year at the theater. The Andy Williams All Star Variety Show at Moon River Theatre features 6 acts in all, not including the legend himself.

Formerly one of NBCs top rated programs, the Andy Williams Show has found a new life and home in Branson and is easily one of it’s highest ranking attractions! The Moon River Theatre has been providing family-friendly entertainment for over 16 years. The theater seats over 2,000 individuals and is classically decorated throughout with hand detailed woodwork, antiques, luxurious fabrics, and art. Performers who have graced the stage at Moon River to collaborate with Andy Williams in the past include Charo, Glen Cambell, and Ann-Margret. Shows run April through December. For more information and specific dates/times, visit

27 thoughts on “Moon River Theatre Line-Up Changes in Early 2009”

  1. My Grandparents are really impressed with Andy Williams, Now that we live in the area we will definatly be attending some shows.

  2. I have never seen the Andy Williams show but I heard it’s a great show, it cool too that he’s writing a bio about his life and career

  3. Good for Andy for taking some well-deserved time off to write his bio. I’ve never been to his show but keep meaning to. Maybe this is the year!

  4. Andy Williams is an icon, but at 81 I would think in addition to writing, it might be a good idea to rest his vocal chords.

  5. I am amazed Andy is still doing his show at 81. WOW! While most people in their 80’s are in nurseing homes, not Andy he’s running a show and writing a bio. I hope at 80 I can do half as much as he.

  6. My favorite Andy Williams show is his Christmas show. I usually only go to see his Christmas show so I’m glad he is taking a break and will be refreshed just in time for the holidays!

    1. I agree with Evonna. There will definitely be some pretty disappointed fans when they find out he’s not going to be performing for awhile.

  7. Rightous’ Brothers Bill Medley and Paul Revere & The Raiders, are amazing, and I def plan on taking a trip to branson to see them

  8. I am so glad that I got to see the Andy Williams show. But I think it’s great that he is taking some time off–he deserves it. He will be missed though.

  9. I have never seen Andy Williams, but have heard it’s a pretty amazing show. I think I may go watch him when he gets done writing his biography.

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