Branson Shows Are Time-Warp Back to the 50s

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 50s or 60s then you remember the incredible music that was born during those decades. If you were born a little later, there’s still a good chance that you’ve heard some of the music second-hand. Either way, it’s hard not to love the music that came out of this era in American history.

There are a few Branson shows that take you back to that beloved time the moment you walk into their theater. Whether you’re looking for a show filled with 50s hits or a compilation of hits from the 50s to the 70s, there is a show for you! While most of the shows are currently performing their twist on a Christmas show, their roots are still planted in Rock ‘n Roll.

Rock ‘n Roll Is Here To Stay is the first show on the list. The show opens with a Broadway-style production of the greatest hits of the 50s and 60s. The theater is filled with the voices of an award-winning cast as you watch the awesome dancing choreographed to your favorite songs. After you’re pumped up and ready for more, the cast clears the stage to prepare for the real treat. The Elvis impersonator, Don Solice, takes the stage for his famous “A Tribute To Elvis” production.

For those who want a trip back to the sock-hop without the interference of any other decades, 50’s At The Hop is the perfect show. The music in this show is nothing but the greatest hits of the 50s, including “Hand Jive,” “La Bamba,” and “He’s a Rebel.” Sing along as the Rockin’ Hop Band swoons the Hoppettes dance troupe with great music and awesome dancing. If that isn’t enough to convince you, you should know that this show has won more awards than they know what to do with, including “Show of the Year.” So grab your letter sweaters and poodle skirts and head to the Hop!

In a tribute to true rock ‘n roll, the Top 10 Rock and Roll Revue will have you singing and dancing to classics from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. This show is home to Branson’s Saxophone Player of the Year, and you’ll see why the moment he gets started. Sit back and enjoy the fast paced music, incredible dancing, and the unique tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis. The famous stage band will have you singing along to the hits of the Supremes, the Mamas and Papas, Buddy Holly, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, and so many more! Grab your dancin’ shoes and time travel back to the glory days.

If you’re looking for that perfect trip down memory lane, or just a great night out, these shows are sure to please. So grab your poodle skirts and your letter sweaters and time-warp back to your favorite decade!

3 thoughts on “Branson Shows Are Time-Warp Back to the 50s”

  1. Back to the 50’s would be a great time warp, I love all genres of music so this is something I would look forward to.

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