Silver Dollar City Receives Prestigious Park Awards

Silver Dollar City Lost River RideAfter an international poll performed by the Amusement Today newspaper, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri received several awards for its performance in the theme park industry.

The Golden Ticket Awards were held September 10 at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California and were hosted by Amusement Today. The awards give top honors in a range of categories to theme parks across the United States.

This was the first year that Silver Dollar City received a top honor in a major category, taking home the title of “Friendliest Park” out of all the theme parks in the U.S. Silver Dollar City also received the following prizes:

  • #2 Best Christmas Event
  • #2 Best Food
  • #3 Best Shows
  • #5 Best Landscaping (tie)

Overall, the Golden Ticket Awards poll a database of theme park fans and visitors in 25 different categories, including the above as well as Best Roller Coasters, Best Water Rides, and Best Amusement Park.

Visitors can find more information about Silver Dollar City’s receipt of this prestigious award at its official Web site.

Silver Dollar City’s next event is the National Harvest Festival, which began on September 12. To purchase tickets for Silver Dollar City, visit

BransonShows.comoffers tickets for Silver Dollar City and other Branson shows and attractions, as well as lodging. Visit BransonShows.comor call 1-800-987-6298 to set up your Branson reservations today!

4 thoughts on “Silver Dollar City Receives Prestigious Park Awards”

  1. This is great for Silver Dollar City as well as the Branson Area/Southwest Missouri. It will help bring in more tourists for the area.

  2. I’m not surprised the SDC was finally recognized. I love that place! It’s just so different from every other theme park I’ve been to.

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