Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Returns to Branson, Missouri on April 18th

Elvis ImpersonatorThe Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest comes to Branson, Missouri on Saturday April 18th. If you think you can mimic the King of Rock and Roll, this is your moment. The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest gives Elvis impersonators a chance to compete on stage for bragging rights and lucrative cash prizes. The contest organizer, Elvis Presley Enterprises, is seeking the Elvis tribute artist who best represents the legacy of Elvis Presley. Contestants will be evaluated on the basis of appearance, vocals, stage presence and performance as they seek to recreate the style and sound of the legend. The best performer in Branson will have the opportunity to perform again in the summer during Elvis week in Memphis, Tennessee for a 20,000 dollar grand prize and a chance to sign a performance contract to appear with Legends in Concert!

So whether you want to put on your blue suede shoes and try your best to impersonate Elvis or you just want to watch all the Elvis imitators perform, Branson is the place to be on April 18th. While you are in Branson checking out the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, you may want to secure lodging reservations and check out the other shows taking place by visiting BransonShows.com or calling Branson Shows at 1-800-987-6298.

17 thoughts on “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Returns to Branson, Missouri on April 18th”

  1. I wouldn’t enter nor do I know anyone who would, but this would sure be entertaining to watch! That grand prize for winning it in Memphis is huge.

  2. There are so many people that enter in these contests. I dont know any personally but I have seen some of the shows in vegas.

  3. If Elvis were still alive and entered the show I wonder if he would win. I heard Charlie Chaplin once finished 3rd in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest, so you know some people are such good impersonaters that they become almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

    1. you know I just thought maybe I could have gotton my granpa to go perform he is really good. Anyone know how this turned out?

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