Hamner Barber Variety Show Adds New Twist to Performance

johnnymathisatthemansiontheatreGet ready for the Mrs. Missouri America Pageant to come to Branson on March 28th. Slated to be held at one of Branson’s most beloved venues, the Mansion Theatre, this is the 33rd straight year the event is taking place yet the first time it’ll be in Branson. For most, that means this is bound to be the most exciting competition to date!

The Mrs. Missouri Pageant is part of the well-known Mrs. America Organization. For this particular pageant, some of the state’s most beautiful and accomplished married women will compete in a variety of categories ranging from fitness to interview skills. Pageant and celebrity judges will be on hand to score the women and the winner will be crowned Mrs. Missouri 2009! They will then be going on to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant taking place in the fall. In the mean time, she can take advantage of the prize package which is valued at more than $9,000 and the chance to travel all over the state to do speaking engagements and volunteering to support her platform.

However, the show has more to it than the usual pageant showcase! Tap, ballet, and jazz dance numbers will be performed by troupes such as the Premier Dance Academy Clogging Team. Another pageant will also take place alongside the Mrs. Missouri Pageant where judges will crown 6 new Missouri Princesses, ranging in age from 3 to 18.

About the Mansion Theatre: The Mansion Theatre can seat 3,000 people and boasts state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.  A 60 x 20 ft. projection screen backs the stage. In the lobby, you can find two gift shops, a concession stand, and the Red White and Brew Coffee Shop that serves Starbucks-style Coffee.

For more information on the Mrs. Missouri America Pageant or to purchase tickets, call the Mansion Theatre at (417) 239-1333 or visit www.mrsmissouri.org.

18 thoughts on “Hamner Barber Variety Show Adds New Twist to Performance”

  1. this looks like a great opertunity for people in the ozarks to get out and do something great, and make them selves look glamorious

  2. One of my friends won this pageant a couple of years ago. It was a lot of fun to see all of the talent, and especially fun to see her win!

  3. I wasn’t aware they had beauty pageants for married women. This is pretty cool and I noticed by checking the web site, that last year’s winner has been married for 20 years, even though she only looks like she is about 24 years old. I’m guessing by doing the math, that this beautiful lady is actually 40-something or close to it, unless she got married when she was age 4…which is pretty unlikely :-).

  4. I like the idea of this pageant using contestants that are more than just pretty faces, people who actually stand for something positive. It’s a great way to promote awareness and let people know that being beautiful on the inside is just as important as the out.

  5. I’m glad that something like this shows you have to have more than beauty to make it big. I would go to this just to support the competitions that aren’t just about looks.

  6. I have always had a fascination with the inherant desire women have to enter these contests. I would love to see one someday.

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