Mishka the Russian Bears at Yakov’s Moscow Circus

This June 23 through July 5 marks your only chance in Branson, MO this year to see the entertaining acts of Mishka the Russian Bears! Presented by Yakov’s Moscow Circus at Yakov’s Theatre, the show will give your entire family great pleasure as these furry creatures try their hand at bicycle and unicycle riding, plus an assortment of tricks showcasing their agility, balance, and coordination. Choose from either a 3 p.m. show or an 8 p.m. show and take advantage of this limited engagement on your trip to Branson!

Yakov’s Moscow Circus itself runs from June 10 through September 7 with a variety of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. shows. With a history and tradition that traces back over 200 years, the show blends romance and zany comedy perfectly as Andrei the Clown searches for his love, Marina the Ballerina. The whole family will enjoy the tricks, feats, and comic relief from such performers as Irina Markova and her canine and feline crew, the National Unicycling Champion Anthony Soumiatin, Boris the Wonder Dog, and the “Strongmen of Moscow” known as Igor & Denis.

In addition to Mishka the Russian Bears at the Moscow Circus, Yakov’s Theatre also offers one-of-a-kind performances from country music superstar Neal McCoy and, of course, the Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff himself. You can view all of the activities, performances, and schedules at Yakov Theatre by visiting the Yakov homepage. For a full list of lodging options, show schedules, and ticket information for Branson, visit BransonShows.com.

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