Variety is the Spice of Life in Branson!

Bob Nelson Variety shows take the best of different types of performances (such as Broadway musicals and stand-up comedy acts) and combine them into entertaining powerhouse events. Of course, “The Live Entertainment Capital of the World”, Branson, Missouri offers plenty of options perfect for a hilariously entertaining evening.  For those looking for a bit of everything during their visit to see a Branson show then these select shows are sure to meet your expectations!

Magnificent Variety Show

Sit back and relax with your entire family and prepare for a performance of amazing proportions! With more than 300 costume changes and 50 musical numbers throughout the 2 hour run-time of the show, this production will awe you with unique takes on classic Broadway acts as well as dancing and singing that span a genres such as swing and jazz. Nothing short of magnificent, this is a brilliant display you won’t soon forget.

Bart Rocket & Taylor Reed Show

Allow yourself to be captivated by master illusionist Bart Rocket at the 50’s at the Hop Theatre. Filled with dozens of great acts including comedy, music, ventriloquism and card tricks, he’s sure to quickly become a family favorite with his special brand of up-close magic and flare for humor! Brett Rocket has been featured on television is shows and TV commercials, but live is how he performs best. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the laughs and amazing tricks this show will bring!

Bob Nelson Show

Enjoy the wholesome and plentiful humor featured in the Bob Nelson Comedy Show! Award-winning comedian Bob Nelson is sure to keep audience laughing from beginning to end. A 30-year veteran of comedy, he definitely knows what works and audiences agree! Taking the stage at the Clay Cooper Theatre, watch as Bob entertains you with his special blend of impersonations, skits, and more! For tons of family-friendly laughs, this is definitely the show to attend!

Check out other variety shows and performances available in Branson by visiting or by calling 1-800-987-6298.

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