10th Annual Rock ‘n Ribs Festival Held near Branson, Missouri at Bass Pro Shops

Rock'n RibsIf you love barbeque ribs, the Annual Rock ‘n Ribs BBQ Festival in Springfield, MO is an event tailor made for you. Held on April 17th and 18th at Bass Pro Shops, the Rock ‘n Ribs Festival raises money for charities and it provides food and fun for contestants and spectators alike. The two day event features several team competitions in different categories such as the best pork ribs, the best brisket, the best chicken and the best sauce. Over 50 teams will battle it out in the Grill master cook-off. There is even a competition for which team can make the best Margarita. Other activities at the festival include a motorcycle show, a petting zoo, a climbing wall, a pie-eating contest and a variety of children’s activities. In addition, there will be plenty of live music to enjoy. The Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders are even making a special appearance.
Best of all, the fun you have will help a good cause. The proceeds from the Rock ‘n Ribs Festival will be donated to several charities including Boys & Girls Town of Missouri, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Ronald McDonald House. Last year the event raised over 100,000 dollars for charities! For more information on the Rock ‘n Ribs Festival go to their website at http://www.rocknribs.com/ . If you plan on attending the Rock ‘n Ribs Festival you may want to reserve lodging in Branson through our website at http://www.bransonshows.com/ or call us at 1-800-987-6298 to make room reservations. Bring your appetite and come on down to the Missouri Ozarks for rock, ribs and recreation!

25 thoughts on “10th Annual Rock ‘n Ribs Festival Held near Branson, Missouri at Bass Pro Shops”

  1. I love the Rock N Ribs Festival. I have volunteered for it the past several years–it is so much fun. I don’t know if I will get to this year yet but I definitely plan on going.

  2. Looks like it goes to several good causes and who wouldn’t want to see a pie-eating contest? If they can get the KC Chiefs cheerleaders to cheer me on, I might even enter the pie-eating contest myself.

  3. I may go to this. Could be in the cards…I like bbq and my bf would dig the motorcycle show so yeah. I’ll keep that weekend open.

  4. This sounds great! I bet I can talk my husband into joining me for this festival…Ribs and Bass Pro. What more could a man ask for?

  5. I am not a huge fan of ribs, but Margaritas sound great. This sounds like a great thing for the whole family, something for everyone.

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun. I have always heard it advertised on the radio, but never got a chance to go. This year I will try to more of an effort.

  7. No, i didnt get a chance to go to this, though i really wanted to, i go out of town on Saturday nights so im sad to say that i didnt get a chance to see if springfield does ribs as good as bastrop or saginaw/baycity. or evern dallas. ive been to many many ribs fests.

  8. How have I not heard of this event?! I can’t wait until March this year for the 11th annual Rock n’ Ribs because you’ll be sure to see me there.

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