#1 Hits of the 60’s: Part History Lesson, Part Tribute, All Entertainment Experience

The Girls of the 60'sThe cast behind #1 Hits of the 60’s returns to Branson for the 2009 season with an all-new show! At the request of the fans, you can now enjoy more music, more comedy,  and more skits. That means more fun! This high-energy  production will take you back to an amazing era full of unique music and dances. For those who were around to remember, you’ll revisit the dance crazes such as the  the Twist, the Mash Potato, and the Watusi. The show manages to feature almost 100 songs from artists such as  the Supremes, the Monkees, and the Beatles interspersed with comedy skits that capture the spirit of the 60’s. Unique historical video clip and a special tribute to Vietnam veterans are also featured in the show and will be highlights of the performance as well as a giant Jukebox and cars that actually drive along the stage! Stop by the Caravelle Theater in Branson for an unforgettable experience this season!

Other Branson Performers Representing the 60’s

The Osmonds

For the last 50 years, the Osmond Brothers have been doing what they do best: entertaining the masses with their special brand of showmanship! Now for the 2009 season, they’ll be coming back to Branson to take the stage at the Osmonds Theatre, presenting a medley of musical numbers in styles such as barbershop, jazz, pop, and country. Watch the brothers perform their classic act with an assortment of other performers boasting hilarity and timeless songs.

Liverpool Legends-  The Ultimate Beatles Experience

This tribute group has the smooth harmonies, spot-on mannerisms, and instrumental skill that mirrors the talent of one of the most influential bands in musical history! Watch as the Liverpool Legends cover the music from the golden years of the Beatles with hit songs such as “Sgt. Peppers” to the solo days of Paul, John, Ringo, and George.

Andy Williams Show

The timeless acts of Andy Williams has been enchanting audiences for over 60 years. From under the bright lights of his hit 60’s variety show on NBC to the stage of the Moon River Theatre, Andy Williams hasn’t lost his touch! Watch later on in the 2009 season as he performs his classic numbers along with 6 other entertainers that will wow you with their musical styling.

15 thoughts on “#1 Hits of the 60’s: Part History Lesson, Part Tribute, All Entertainment Experience”

  1. Liverpool Legends sounds like a fun show. I always hear my grandma talking about the beatles and ppl like ringo. Maybe I should check this show out 🙂

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