Ozark Mountain Spring Offers a Variety of Activity to Branson Visitors

Titanic's Grand Staircase in Branson, MOSpring in the Ozarks can be a truly magical time, and now is your chance to experience all it has to offer with an Ozark Mountain Spring. As the trees begin to fill with vibrant greens and the weather warms the lakes of Table Rock and Taneycomo, natural beauty and activity begin to abound. The many popular theaters along the 76 Strip open for the new season, ensuring a variety of live entertainment to visitors, and throughout the area a host of events and festivals are held to celebrate topics every bit as varied as the shows that Branson is famed for. And this is precisely what Ozark Mountain Spring is about; not any one aspect of Branson, but the entirety of the town’s offerings from March to May. So regardless of whether you’d like to participate in world-class fishing, reflect on days gone by or revel in celebration of the now, Ozark Mountain Spring is sure to have at least one activity taking place that will appeal to you! Read on to learn more about some of the more popular events that will be taking place during Ozark Mountain Spring to help in planning your Spring Break in Branson, MO.

Titanic Salutes the Irish (March 1 – March 31)
Throughout the entire month of March, Titanic – World’s Largest Museum Attraction will be placing a focus on the Irish history surrounding the Titanic. From the numerous Irish ports the Titanic stopped at to the role of the Irish in building the Titanic and the Irish passengers that were part of the ship’s ill-fated journey, special exhibits and attractions will touch on every aspect of the Titanic’s Irish experience.

NAIA II Men’s Basketball Tournament (March 11 – March 19)
The NAIA’s thirty-two top teams compete in a single elimination tournament, offering a touch of March Madness to the Branson area. All games are scheduled to be held at the Keeter Gymnasium at College of the Ozarks.

World Fest at Silver Dollar City (April 4 – May 3)
Experience cultures and traditions from around the world at Silver Dollar City as the popular theme park is blessed with acts ranging from Chinese acrobats to Ghana percussionists.

2009 Branson Car Collector Auction (April 17 – April 18)
A classic car auction held annually in Branson. Just a few of this year’s gems are set to include a 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1961 XK 150, and 1940 Ford Woodie Wagon.

3rd Annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest (April 18)
Sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., the Legends in Concert’s Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest is an excellent way to both enjoy memories of Elvis and show off your own touching tribute to The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Kewpiesta (April 22 – April 26)
Held at Bonniebrook, home of famed Kewpie doll creator Rose O’Neill, Kewpiesta is an annual celebration of the Kewpie. Enjoy meeting with other fans and even touring Bonniebrook.

Great American Pie Show (April 24 – April 25)
Entering its inaugural year, the Great American Pie Show is just as it sounds – an ode to the American tradition of pie! Numerous activities and competitions are set to be held, with a special guest appearance by the Today Show’s Al Roker.

Branson Air Show (May 8 – May 10)
Another first for Branson in 2009, the Branson Air Show will celebrate the opening of the Branson Airport with flight demonstrations, grounded aircraft displays and more.

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To learn more about Branson, MO and secure lodging reservations for any of the mentioned dates, either visit www.BransonShows.com or call 1-800-987-6298.

37 thoughts on “Ozark Mountain Spring Offers a Variety of Activity to Branson Visitors”

  1. I’m really excited about the Great American Pie show. It sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t been to SDC’s World Fest in a few years so I’m going to do my best to make it to Branson for that too.

  2. I think that the world fest looks interesting. and i would have to agree with Sara, the Great American Pie show shounds amazing, I hope there is going to be Apple Pie, since that is the All American Pie

  3. Kewpiesta sounds like so much fun im a huge fan I would love to go and meet the other fans to and tour her home to. I have heard of this event many times online in the doll community Trust me it will be huge. ppl will be traveling from all over to come.

  4. I love how there is always something to do in Branson. I definitely will be making it to SDC’s World Fest. I also think the Great American Pie Show will be fun. I haven’t heard of a Kewpie doll either so I had to look it up and see what it was.

  5. The Branson airshow would be pretty awesome to go experience. Not only do you get to see a number of aircraft up close, but also check out the new airport servicing the area!

  6. Does anyone know who’s all going to be at World fest this year? Like the shows and stuff? It’s always a good time to go to SDC.

  7. I actually got to go to few games for the NAIA II Men’s Basketball Tournament a few years back and it was a lot of fun! I enjoy watching basketball with my friends and nothing is better than a live game!

  8. The Air Show sounds really cool! I’ve to a couple before and it’s a great activity for the whole family to watch while enjoying a picnic!

  9. I love world fest at Silver Doller City. They always have amazing shows, and great food. They also have shops set up with nice little trinkets to take home.

  10. I like pie I wonder if I could be a judge and then I would get to eat some 😀
    Then I could get some receipes to take home and try out 😉

  11. I think I might need to take my gradpa to that car collector auction..he loves cars and engines so this would be nice for him since there’s nto much more my grandpa likes

  12. Al Roker! I love that guy! And the week before is the Elvis contest? Looks like it will be back-to-back Branson weekends in April for me.

  13. I am so going to the Great American Pie Show..my grandma is taking me there and I can’t wait for her to get some ideas to make for..me!

  14. Titanic sounds like a fun museum to go to exspecially if you are a hug titanic fan this could be a real memorable experience for you.

  15. I really want to go to the air show in Branson..I enjoy events like that but I hope the weather cooperates.

  16. I want to go see Elvis, because he’s awesome. And the Kewpiesta and Great American Pie day sound great! Kewpies are adorable, and I love blackberry pie!

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