Comedy Lives in Branson!

We’re only a few short weeks away from the official start of Spring and with that comes a much needed holiday break to escape the winter blues. Start the Spring off right with a smile of your face courtesy of these select comedy shows in Branson, MO! These performers and variety acts are Branson favorites for being big on laughs and they’ll become some of your favorites as well during your next trip to Branson to see them.

Yakov Smirnoff

It won’t take you long after sitting down at the theater where Yakov Smirnoff performs to figure out why he was voted comedian of the year! Filled with amusing anecdotes of his early days in this country and humorous commentary on American culture, you’ll find yourself laughing whole-heartedly at the comedic delivery of this Russian-born talent. Juggling, dancing, verbal slapstick, and more will keep you smiling and laughing throughout this popular act.

The Jim Stafford Show

This critically acclaimed self-taught musician is an entertainer extraordinaire and an expert of comedy. Bring the entire family to this show for the laser lights, the 3D virtual action ride, and of course the laughs! A favorite of Branson families for 18 years, Jim Stafford will have you rolling in the aisles with renditions of famous acts such as “Spiders and Snakes” and “Cow Patti”. Everyday life becomes hilarious satire with this show!

Red Skelton: A Performance Tribute by Tom Mullica

Hysterical, nostalgic, and heart-warming, this show is sure to leave you laughing and reminiscing about America’s favorite clown, Red Skelton. Watch as close-friend and veteran performer Tom Mullica brings some of Red Skelton’s most memorable and beloved characters to life such as The Mean Widdle Kid, Willie Lump-Lump, Clem Kaddidlehopper, and many more! This show is a satisfying homage to the talent of Red Skelton and will delight old fans as well as new.

14 thoughts on “Comedy Lives in Branson!”

  1. i have been to yakov i love that show i would like to take my grandchildren this year i think they would enjoy it as well.

  2. I’ve never been to Yakov but would absolutely love to go! My husband has really been wanting to go see him as well, so we may take a trip to Branson to see this show.

  3. The Jim Stafford Show sounds like a great show to go to. I think this is just the thing to cheer me up after midterms!

  4. Yakov is such a funny show. I didn’t really know how much I would like it, but my stomach hurt from laughing so hard by the end.

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